Why You Should Call a Roofer First Before Your Insurance Company

Colorado is notorious for unpredictable weather. Following a strong storm, a common mistake that many homeowners make is calling their insurance company. Being a homeowner, your goal is to maintain the appearance, value, and protective nature of your home. After a storm causes damage to your house, it only seems natural that you would call your insurance company to handle the damages. Unfortunately, that’s not the best solution for the problems you may be facing.

How Roofers Can Help

Other than fixing your roof, roofing contractors are certified and trained to professionally inspect and identify storm damage to your house that should be addressed which is why you should call a roofer first. In addition to their expertise, professional roofing contractors are also your advocates for working with insurance companies and handling all claims, repairs, losses and damages to your roof, windows and siding.

The advantage to this is that roofers are able to inspect your home first, rather than an insurance representative. This means that they can identify whether or not you even have damage, advise you in making a claim with your insurance, and work directly with your insurance to ensure that all of the required repairs are documented and accounted for.

A lot of insurance companies don’t conduct a thorough inspection like a roofer would, which leaves your roof and home vulnerable to damage that goes unnoticed. The reason why you should call a roofer first becomes clear because professional roofers are responsible for identifying damage and proposing a solution, while an insurance adjuster is responsible for documenting visible damage. The trouble with this is that most roof damage is not visible, and actually develops below the surface of your roofing materials. Only a certified roofer can safely climb on your roof and document the extent of damage sustained by a storm.

So, why should you call a roofer first before your insurance company? Well, it is the best way to remove yourself from the headache of roofing lingo, financial negotiations, and the confusion that follows a damaging storm. Professional roofing contractors are like lawyers for your storm damage. They handle your insurance company and ensure you are getting the repairs you need to effectively protect your home in the future.

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