Metal Roofing

It takes a special breed to run a farm or ranch. And it takes a special breed of roofer to protect that farm or ranch from the elements.

To replace a barn roof, you need a roofer with knowledge and experience who uses the best products to get the job done quickly — and well. At Celtic Roofing, we know the importance of working without disturbing horses and livestock. We take care of them like they are our own, and clean up after ourselves to ensure there aren’t any issues with the animals.

Contact us today, and let us help protect what’s important to you.


``I would recommend Celtic roofing to everyone. They are professional, accurate and on time. They clean up after themselves and with eight horses that is vitally important! They did my roof on my house and seven horse Barns. They were in and out, it was spotless. They cleaned up and everyone was so courteous. It was amazing to work with them as they made a terrible mess of a hailstorm a pleasant experience with such nice people and customer service. My name is Tracey Nazarenus and I endorse them.``

Tracey Nazarenus
Tracey Nazarenus