Roofing Services

Eian McKinley, owner, is a leading, licensed roofing, and also construction expert with over 25 years in “hands on” experience, along with managing nationwide commercial property projects. Roof quality & maintenance is extremely important to the structure and value of your personal or commercial property and we assure your roof will be replaced or maintained with the most professional quality of service and products. You will receive a roof you can be proud of and confident under!

We are proud to provide the best in service for insurance claims. We will personally work along with you and your insurance company, to ensure your roof is replaced with a quality product and less hassle for you. Celtic Roofing, has an excellent success rate with insurance companies and will make replacing your roof a breeze!

Celtic Roofing, will handle all aspects of your roof, from gutters, to siding, to painting. We offer a large variety in roofing, from shingles, to tile, to metal and more. Most residential roofs are completed within 1 day!

celtic residential commercial roofing colorado serviceResidential Roof Replacement: All Seasons Roofer

As your full-service roofing contractor, Celtic Roofing, proudly offers the following:

Residential & Commercial Roof Installation

  • When your home or business needs a new roof, Celtic Roofing is licensed, insured and qualified to provide you with a high quality installation on any type of roof at a fair price!
  • Tearing down a roof makes a mess, but worse, if that mess is not properly cleaned up, the area can be hazardous for cars and feet! Celtic Roofing doesn’t leave a job til every last nail and scrap has been picked up and removed.
  • Steep roofs –Celtic Roofing’s work crews have the skills and experience, as well as the professional equipment needed to safely work with the steepest pitched residential roofs.

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair

  • From missing shingles to leaks, Celtic Roofing’s owner, Eian McKinley will personally diagnose and repair the problem and recommend the best, most cost-effective solution. Eian is a master of roof repair, finding the most stubborn of leaks.

Roof Ventilation

  • Ensuring your roof is well-vented will help to extend its life by releasing trapped heat and moisture from your attic. Celtic Roofing will work with you to evaluate your roof’s venting and recommend changes and updates so that it operates at peak efficiency!

Metal Roof Flashing and Edging

  • Roof flashing and edging protect the area around your chimney from rain water seeping into the house where it can damage your home’s structure. Celtic Roofing works with top quality flashing and edging materials and techniques to protect you and your home!

We are pleased to offer many different types, brands, and styles of roofing materials for you to choose from, plus you always have access to our expert advice on the best products and approaches for the task at hand.

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