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Step-By-Step Guide to an Insurance Claim (from the company that knows)

Guess what? The company that insures your home uses some amazing software to itemize damage done by the elements … and Celtic uses the SAME SOFTWARE! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we work FOR YOU but we also work alongside the insurance adjuster to make sure your home is properly restored to its former glory. Not only do we share the same insurance lingo, but we also play well with others and love working together to make your property perfect.


Should You File A Claim?

That remains to be seen. If we take a look around and find that it would not behoove you to file a claim, we will let you know upfront. There is no reason to push a claim through when the damage is not sufficient enough to warrant it.

If we do see a benefit to filing, we will tell you our findings and help walk you through the process. We can look at your policy and tell you exactly what’s covered, what your out-of-pocket will be, and assist you in choosing the best materials to protect your home or business.


Already Filed A Claim?

Let Celtic come give you a free estimate. We would love to look at the Statement of Loss and let you know exactly what to expect from us during the re-roofing of your home or business.


In A Perfect World …

… the process of filing a claim is fairly straightforward. Here is a step-by-step process of filing a claim and completing the work:

  • Hail, wind, or physical damage has occurred to your home or business.

  • Call Celtic to come out and do a free inspection to see if a claim should be filed.

  • If a claim is necessary, report damage to your insurance agent.

  • An adjuster will schedule an appointment with you. This will typically be within 24 -48 hours of your call.

  • Meanwhile, make a list of damage that you see when walking around your home. Things to look for include dents in gutters, fascia, and metal around windows. Also, look for broken flower pots and damage to lawn furniture. If there’s damage to your car, then there’s probably damage to your roof. Are there any roof granules on the ground around your home or in the gutter downspouts? That’s one way to tell if there’s any roof damage.

  • Make sure you are home for the adjuster’s scheduled appointment. Celtic will also be there to assist in finding and documenting all damage. Having us there will simplify the process and help repairs begin sooner.

  • The Statement of Loss is written up by the adjuster. The adjuster will either leave you this statement of loss, or you will receive it via email in a few days. It will itemize your losses and the estimated cost of repair. This shows what work the insurance company is repairing to restore your property back to its original condition prior to the storm.

  • Work is completed by the best family- and locally-owned, licensed and insured contractor in Colorado (that’s us!), and the insurance claim is closed out. Your home or business is once again a stunning reflection of your ideas, and ready to keep your family safe and secure.

Let Celtic make the process simple, easy, affordable, and maybe even … FUN!

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