Fire Resistant Roofing in Avon, Colorado

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A little more than 100 miles west of Denver, nestled amongst the Rocky Mountains and the Eagle River, lies a small town called Avon. The Great American Horsemen of the Ute Indians used to spend their winters in the mild climate of the Southwest, only to return every summer to “the shining mountains” to hunt mule deer, elk and buffalo. It was the natural beauty of the landscape that first drew settlers to the area in the early 1800s. Prospectors set on striking it rich began to inhabit the Eagle Valley and, interestingly enough, once the gold rush ended, farmers began to grow heads of lettuce in Avon and refrigerated rail cars actually shipped the produce as far as the East Coast.


With vibrant, historical homes, comes wood shake roofs – do you need a roof replacement your insurance will cover? 

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By 1972, Vail had become one of the top ski destinations in Colorado, and pressure mounted for the farmland of Avon to be developed. Avon incorporated in 1978, its famous Nottingham Park was created, and 6,447 folks now call the town home. With folks living in Avon, it meant that the demand and need for residential roofing in Avon was now entering into view!

The Need For Fire Resistant Roofing Systems in Avon, Colorado

The architecture used in Avon mirrors that of the surrounding Eagle Valley — beautiful homes with wood shake roofs. The aesthetic of a wood shake roof is stunning as it blends into the landscape, but practically, it poses a threat to the home it is meant to protect. With the prevalence of wildfires in Colorado, most home insurance companies are dropping coverage on homes that still have wood shake roofs.


Celtic Roofing: Your Provider of Fire Resistant Roofing in Avon, CO

Enter Celtic Roofing. We have developed Fire Resistant Roofing in Avon, Colorado that is the safest roof available on the market today. Not only are our roofs class-A fire rated (the highest fire safety rating possible), but they maintain the aesthetic of a wood shake roof, without the danger. Take a moment to look at our options: DECRA and F-Wave. Both of these types of roofs will protect your home from anything Colorado can dish out, including severe weather, ice, snow, abundant sunshine and wildfires. 

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