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Celtic Roofing has been serving the surrounding area for more than 20 years as the premier roofers for residential roofing in Castle Rock. Residential Roofer In Castle Rock Doing InspectionWhat sets us apart from other roofers in Castle Rock? Glad you asked!

With Celtic Roofing as Your Residential Roofer In Castle Rock, You Won’t Look Back.

  • We offer every client a FREE shingle upgrade. Why? Because we warranty our materials and our work. Therefore, we only want to use the highest quality products on the market to ensure that your home is safe and your residential roof replacement is done right. Read about how “we’ve got you covered!”
  • We have been around so long that our relationship with insurance companies is well established and good. This translates into our clients receiving the best experience possible when filing a hail claim. Celtic has built a fantastic rapport with local adjusters by having impeccable workmanship, using high quality materials and having excellent communication. We pass that reputation along to our customers in order for them to receive all that is needed to restore their home to its former glory after a storm. If you have storm damage, we are your go-to local roofer for residential roofing in Castle Rock. Discover our insurance resources here!
  • Celtic is one of only a few exclusive roofers in Colorado to offer the F-Wave Roofing system. This synthetic shingle will not only transform the look of your home aesthetically, but its hail/wind/fire protection is second to none. There is a reason we say, “this may be the last roof you’ll ever need.” Read about our synthetic shingles – a perfect fit for your home!


Whether your roof is tile, shingle, metal or shake, Celtic Roofing has the knowledge and experience you need for residential roofing in Castle Rock. We will protect your home and ensure the integrity of the house, and safety of your family. Having a local roofer who is familiar with Castle Rock, Colorado is vital to receiving the BEST products, service and workmanship available. If you need a residential roof replacement in Castle Rock, Celtic Roofing is your expert option.

Our commitment to quality and communication will ensure you the best possible experience when it comes to your roof. From the initial evaluation to picking out materials and passing that final inspection, Celtic is on your side!

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