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What Do The Seasons Mean For My Residential Roof Replacement?

The changing seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all present unique challenges to your

residential roof installation. Changing temperatures, UV ray exposure, water damming, inclement weather can all negatively impact your roof. The severity of these changes can also impact how quickly your roof deteriorates.

Roofer Repairing in Castle Rock

Summer can bring a high amount of sunshine, especially in Colorado Springs. Poor shingle installation, or an old roof can be susceptible to UV radiation breaking down the structure of your roofing material.
Fall is prime time roofing season, which means a project you have been holding off on, can be an expensive endeavor.


Winter is considered a slow month for roofing. Snow can melt, and refreeze on your roof which can damage the roofing structure. This can lead to a roof replacement, and possible revamping of attic ventilation. Getting a jump start can be quite beneficial to your finances. Due to residential homeowners in Castle Rock waiting till spring, this can be an amazing time to get a free evaluation from Celtic Roofing!
Spring can bring damaging hail which can dent and puncture your roof and leave you open for water damage if your residential roof is repaired incorrectly. This is also a time homeowners re-roof or repair their existing roofs, and competition is high.
Late-Summer Into Fall:
This is considered prime time roofing season because the climate is more stable, and the sunnier weather allows for an easier assessment of the overall appearance and integrity of your residential roof. However, prime time means prime pricing. Due to all homeowners saving their money for this season, the ability for roofers to quickly accommodate scheduling is tougher than usual. This can mean higher overall prices for the installation, repair, or replacement of your roof in Castle Rock.
The Winter:
This is the quietest season for roofing. Homeowners usually think, “why would I re-roof, replace, or install in the winter?” This is simple: the availability of roofers is high, and it is most cost effective. If you have saved for your residential roof repairs in Castle Rock, but are simply waiting on the season to change, Winter can be a phenomenal time to obtain a reasonable quote, and have the job completed effectively.

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