Redecking Your Roof in Castle Rock

The most critical layer that your roof is constructed on is referred to as the decking or sheathing. Most homes are outfitted and decked with plywood or OSB that act as the foundation for your other roofing materials. Just like other components to your roof, this base material may break down and degrade over time. This will lead to the need for professional roofers to replace and redecking your roof.Roof Redecking Project

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Celtic Roofing has over 30 years operating as your local roofing contractors in Castle Rocking and the Front Range Corridor. If you need redecking services in Castle Rock, contact Celtic Roofing today!

Let’s discuss a few instances where you will need redecking for your roof:

Redecking For Spaced Roof

Older model homes that utilize wood shakes or shingles for their roofing materials might be outfitted with an older model deck that has space between the material to allow greater airflow into the home. Unfortunately, this style of decking is no longer up to code. If you are planning to redeck your roof out of your wood shakes or wood shingles for your spaced deck, you will need redecking completed to bring your roof up to code.

Redecking For Rotten Roof

Sometimes, inclement damage to your roof can damage underlying roof decking and plywood material. When this material degrades and breaks, you might need a few panels replaced, or an entire redecking of your roof in Castle Rock or the Front Range Corridor. Luckily, insurance might be able to help you with this redecking process, and an experienced roofing professional from Celtic Roofing can help make the necessary replacements and repairs.

Redecking For Ice Dam Issues

The constant thawing and freezing of water from inclement weather in Colorado can cause significant damage to your roofing materials and your underlying deck. For structural damage to your roof decking caused by ice damming, you will need a professional roof redeck, replacement and/or repair from Celtic Roofing.

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