Why Is It Hard to Find a Reliable Roofer?

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Let’s explore a common scenario. Your whole street got hit with a massive hail storm and everyone’s roofs are shot. You speak with your neighbors and you all decide to go with the same company because one of your neighbors says “They know a roofing guy.” You don’t think much of it and sign up with the recommended roofer because, why not?

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The roofer was pleasant at first but the communication has become horrible, you have issues with your new roof install and the roofer is nowhere to be found! Unfortunately, this type of scenario isn’t all too uncommon, so why is it so difficult to find a reliable roofer?

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Reliable Roofer?

The roofing industry is notorious for being full of fly-by-night roofers, storm chasers (companies that follow the storms and are not local), liars, and shady characters that are more interested in your pocketbook than a job well-done. Roofing is a large industry, and in some states with frequent hail and wind storms, there are many roofing needs. Less than reputable characters are hoping to make a quick buck, will take advantage of this fact, and try to worm their way into whatever work they can, leaving their customers with headaches.

The roofing industry may have its share of shady characters, but is also full of reputable contractors that genuinely want to help you with your roofing issue. When you’re in need of a roof repair or replacement, your goal is to find these reputable companies. When searching for a reputable and reliable roofer, use the following tools and resources to make your life easier:

  • Rating and review sites like Angie’s List, Houzz or Google reviews
  • Local Better Business Bureau chapter
  • Local contractor guides
  • Roofing material manufacturer websites

Your goal is to find a roofer that is registered with your local BBB, has many years of experience in your city, has overall positive reviews, and will offer you a free estimate.

The key in finding a reliable roofer is by doing the proper research before letting anyone on your roof, even if your neighbor swears by a certain company. When you choose a local and reliable roofer you won’t only skirt a bad experience, but could get an experience that is enjoyable.

How to Find a Reputable Roofing Company For Your Roofing Project Now

Not all roofs are equal, and as such, not all roofing companies are equal. Depending on the scope of your project, you may wish to consider one roofer over the other. The type of roof, roofing material, and even geographical location can make a difference, which is why it’s important to understand what you require before making your choice. Be sure to check references, but also look into the types of projects they’ve completed.

If you have a flat roof, for example, you’ll want to choose a company that has extensive experience replacing flat roof systems. If you’re going with a metal, wood shake, or synthetic roof, ensure that the company has previous projects to showcase that prove its commitment to quality and professional craftsmanship. You can also reference the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Houzz, or Google reviews to find noted reputable roofers in your area.

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