Here’s Why You Need a Free Roof Estimate

Your home may be made of timber and stone, but simplifying a home to the bare materials discredits all the work that goes into constructing the modern home. The components of your home all work together to give you a comfortable life and the modern conveniences we’ve all come to expect.

The idea behind the home functioning means that the entire system can be thrown out of whack if one thing goes wrong, especially if that component is critical like your home’s roof. Your roof is the first line of defense against all that nasty water and debris that wants to get into your home and cause issues.

How do you make certain that your home’s roof is in decent shape? By getting it inspected. Let’s review why it’s a great idea to get your roof inspected (and for free!)

Why You Should Get a Free Roof Estimate

Peace of Mind

You can perform a visual inspection yourself to make sure everything is good to go on your roof, but it won’t give you the same peace of mind that you can get from a professional. Hire a professional to give you a free estimate to see what you need to do to keep your roof in great shape if anything. The best part about a free roof estimate? It’s also a free roof inspection.

Get Proactive

Getting a free roof estimate is the best way to get proactive on the health of your roof. A professional roofer can find minor issues that could give you large problems later, and fix them right away. Being proactive is the best way to keep both your roof and home in safe and dry conditions.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

We typically recommend that you have your roof inspected by a professional once every year. It’s a good habit to get into, but specific factors like weather, tree coverage, and the age of your roof will affect how frequently you’ll want to get a free roof inspection from us at Celtic Roofing.

  • Weather: After a major storm, especially if there was hail or high winds that caused flying debris, you should always promptly contact a roofing professional like us to take a look at the condition of your roof. Wind, rain, snow, and hail are some of the most common causes of damage, and as you may know all too well, we experience a great deal of this kind of weather here in Colorado.
  • Tree coverage: While trees can make for some great curb appeal and are very desirable for home landscaping, they can significantly damage your roof with falling branches that, while small, can still tear apart shingles. High winds and storms can also cause large branches to snap off and leave holes in your roof, so take note of if any trees have branches that extend directly over your home or close to it.
  • Age of your roof: If you have a roof that’s more than two decades old, we recommend having it inspected more often as a part of a preventative maintenance program. This is because an older roof is much more susceptible to weather damage.

We also recommend roof inspections for anyone who is trying to sell their home or is interested in buying a new home. For sellers, this will alert you to any potential problems that you can fix now and prevent the risk of them worsening over time and becoming more expensive to fix and delaying a sale. For buyers, this will give you more information about the property so you can make a more informed decision, and if there is significant damage that will need repair, you can use this to try and lower the seller’s asking price.

It’s Free

Why should you get a free roof estimate? Because it’s free! A no-obligation estimate from a qualified roofer can let you know what you’re up against if there are any issues that you need to be fixed, an estimate on how much it will cost to get it fixed, an estimate on the useful life left on your roof, and more. All at no cost to you. The question you should be asking yourself is, why shouldn’t you get a free roof estimate?

If you want peace of mind that your roof is in decent shape and want to be proactive about your roof’s health, you should get a free roof estimate. You have nothing to lose so make the call to a qualified and local roofer to give you a free estimate today.

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