Fire and Ice – Roofing Made for the Mountains

Fire & Ice Roofing in Colorado

Fire Resistant System

NOW is the perfect time to remove your wood shake roof and install a fire-resistant roofing system to protect your home! Work with Celtic Roofing to get your fire-resistant roofing in Colorado.

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Our materials are all class A fire rated, which means they have the highest rating that is allotted for fire safety. 

Class A means:

  • The materials we use reduce how quickly fire can spread
  • Lasts 2-4 hours before ignition, allowing time to be extinguished
  • As a maximum fore spread of 6 feet

Our fire-resistant system is comprised of a class A rated underlayment as well as a class A rated synthetic shingle or stone-coated steel. This system provides the highest level of fire safety available on the market.

For fire-resistant roofing in Colorado, your home with be protected with top-of-the-line fire resistant shingles and materials. See some of our work below!


F-Wave Synthetic Fire Resistant Roofing Shingles
F-Wave Synthetic Shingles not only offer unparalled protection from hail, but also offer fire-resistant properties too!


DECA Stone Coated Steel Fire Resistant Roofing Materials
DECRA – Stone Coated Steel. A classic look for fire-resistant roofing materials that gives your roof a beautiful finish!

Ice and Water Shield 

Colorado has fickle weather patterns during the winter and spring months. One day it will be 67 degrees, and the next, a foot of snow will descend. When the snow melts and freezes and melts and freezes above the gutters on our homes, this causes an ice dam. The beautiful icicles on the sides of your home look pretty … until the ice goes up under the shingles and causes massive leaking and damage to your home. 

There is an amazing product out there called Ice and Water Shield. Celtic Roofing applies it to EVERY roof we install, thus preventing ice dam issues. Ice and Water Shield is applied before the shingles to the plywood and nails, instantly bonding them together and creating a completely watertight seal. It must be applied 36 inches up from the edge of the roof, or two feet from the heated wall in order to prevent an ice dam situation.

The bonus: this ice and water shield also works to act as a fire and heat shield. Our fire-resistant shingles and roofing materials are just what you need for fire resistant roofing in Colorado, and they come with added help for ice, damming, and hail resistance.

  • Prevents ice damming on the roof 
  • Protects the base layer of plywood and nails to prevent ice damming 
  • Prevents leaks caused from ice damming 
  • Extends the life of your roof 

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