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When the snow melts and then freezes on your roof, it forms an ice dam. If you notice a large chunk of ice building up on the edge of your roof, then you have an ice dam. Icicles may seem unassuming, but they can damage your shingles or gutters. The weight of an ice dam may be too much for your roof to handle, causing it to collapse, particularly after a heavy snowstorm.Ice Dam Repair Roofers Colorado

At Celtic Roofing, we carry out our roofing installation, maintenance, and repair services with precision to help prevent or reduce the likelihood of ice dam formation. If you notice ice build-up on your roof, consider contacting us to schedule a professional ice dam repair.

How to Prevent Ice Dams On Your Roof

Eliminating ice dams with a shovel or harmer and chisel can do more harm than good. However, with these tips, you can prevent ice build-up on your roof effortlessly.

  • Install Heat Cables

Installing heat cables on your home’s roof can help prevent ice damming. The wires provide constant temperature flow to melt the ice on the roof. However, installing heat cables on your own can be dangerous, particularly during the winter season. It’s essential to consider hiring a professional roofing contractor like Celtic Roofing to get the job done on your behalf.

  • Rake It

You can rake off snow build-up from your roof to prevent the formation of an ice dam. However, raking can be a dangerous and physically demanding task. Consider hiring an expert roofing contractor to help you keep the winter season issues at bay.

  • Use Hot Water

The steam from hot water can help melt the ice on your roof. The last thing you’d want is spill hot water on yourself, so it’s essential to consider hiring a professional roofing maintenance company to prevent ice damming using hot water.

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Do not try to deal with ice dams by yourself. Hire a professional for ice dam prevention on your roof.

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