Do You Need to Provide a Power Source for Your Roofer?

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One of the most common questions a roofer gets is whether a homeowner is responsible for providing a power source on their property during a replacement or repair. In most cases, the answer is yes. Depending on where you live, where your power outlets are, and how the roofer will be working, it’ll be the homeowner or property owner’s responsibility to provide a power source for roofers.

Why Do Roofers Need a Power Source?

When you roof needs be repaired or replaced, there isn’t a mobile unit that can be mobilized to provide the workers a power source. Instead, they arrive in regular vehicles, like trucks and vans with the equipment they need to get started. They rely on you to provide a power source. This is easier said than done and you don’t need to be home to do it.

One of the most common questions that homeowners have when considering a roof replacement is whether they need to provide their roofing contractor with a power source to complete the job. The answer is simple — yes. Roofing companies will require a reliable power source in order to complete the replacement, and it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that they have proper access during the course of the project.

Why Do Roofers Need Access to a Power Source?

In order to execute a roof replacement project quickly and without being unnecessarily invasive to the homeowner, roofers will require a power source to provide electricity for their tools and equipment. Gas-powered generators may be used in some cases depending on specific site challenges (such as in remote locations), but in most cases providing access to a few exterior electrical outlets will enable them to carry out the work safely and in a timely fashion. Generators are also very noisy and can increase the level of annoyance while your roof is being replaced.

To ensure that your roofing company has sufficient access to power, it’s important to test your exterior outlets prior to the start of your roofing project. In newer homes, some exterior electrical outlets may be connected to a switch, meaning that they need to be turned on before power can flow. A simple check around your home can help you determine whether your outlets are in working order. You don’t need to provide extension cords, however, as your roofing company will bring all of the equipment necessary for the job.

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