3 Tips for Finding a Roofer

Roof damage from hail, wind, rain, or longevity can lead to greater damage in and around your home. Putting off a roof replacement installation only permeates the problem, so it is imperative that you have your roof inspected and repaired at the first sign of damage. When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, there are a lot of options you have to consider. It seems like there are a million different companies to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide which roofer is the best choice for you. We’ve compiled our 3 tips for finding a roofer.

Here’s 3 Tips for Finding a Roofer

Keep It Local When Finding a Roofer

Support local business, and keep your town’s roofers busy during the spring and summer months, or after a large storm. Hiring local workers allows you the assurance in knowing that contacting them, communicating with them, and having follow up inspections or repairs with them can be done with ease. These roofers are your neighbors, and they’ll understand the type of damage your home has seen from storms in the area. You can also get a better gauge of their reputation based on other work the company has done in the areas they serve.


Your roof is necessary coverage for your home. Roofers themselves also need coverage, and it’s important that you only hire a roofing contractor who is fully insured for both their protection and yours. Should there be a problem during the installation of your roof, there could be damage caused to your home, and those around you. Ensuring that your roofer has full coverage insurance simply removes all liability from you.


Referrals are the best way to find the roofer for your job. Friends, family and neighbors are your most honest references. If they are homeowners themselves, it’s likely that they have used a roofer in the area and can either recommend you use a specific company, or stay very far away from another company. Referrals are the word of mouth business that every great roofing company works hard to earn. If you’re being referred to a roofer, they’ve earned the respect and satisfaction of the person referring you.

Finding a roofer is not as scary as you might think. Know what to look for, and who to ask, and you’re sure to be fully covered by a roof in no time.



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