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3 Roofing Issues to Look Out For

You could argue that your home’s roof is the most important component for keeping you dry and safe, and it would be difficult to take a stance against that. Since the roof is such a critical component of your home, you must be sure it is ready to take on whatever the outside elements can throw at it, unless you want to rack up a big bill to fix a roof leak.

It’s understandable that your roof can get neglected, it’s way up there after all, but a seasonable inspection is always a great idea if you can safely inspect your roof. Let’s review what you should be looking for anytime you perform a home roof inspection. For this article, we will talk about residential asphalt roofs, since they are the roof covering for approximately 75% of homes in the US.

3 Issues to Look For When it Comes to Your Roof

Shingle Wear-and-Tear

Common shingle wear-and-tear issues include balding shingles, granule loss, rips, tears, punctures, or missing shingles. If the shingle simply doesn’t look right, take note for a professional roofer. Work in a methodical manner along your roof to make an accurate assessment.

Flashing and Penetrations

Penetrations on your roof include plumbing jacks, vents of different types, chimneys, and more. The extra metal found around these items to keep them watertight is known as flashing. Make an inspection of the flashing and the areas around these penetrations. Look for bent or missing flashing, rusty flashing, or flashing that otherwise looks like it’s lived out its useful life.


Your roof won’t do your home too much good if the gutters aren’t also in great shape. During roof inspections, check your gutters out too. Look for rips, holes, bends, dents, standing water, clogs and more. Gutters that aren’t working properly can send moisture right into the foundation of your home, causing serious issues. Take a garden hose up with you if you need to test any areas.

If your shingles are in good shape, your flashing in good shape and your gutters are in good shape; you should be set for the season. If you are uncomfortable inspecting your roof, call a local and reputable roofing company to perform a free inspection for you on your behalf. Their expert eyes can find any defective areas of your roof, or you can get a clean bill of health.