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Main Library in Louisiana Wins Prestigious Metal Roofing Award

A well-done job is always something to be proud of. Usually roofers only get that internal sense of pride and satisfaction and maybe a thank-you letter but what if your roofing work was so good, you received an award? There are ways that roofers are recognized across the United States with different awards and a Louisiana operation recently took home a fantastic honor.

The distinction goes to the East Baton Rouge Parish’s Main Library in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The new Main Library was the winner of the Building and Roof Award for Metal Roofing – New Category by the 2015 Metal Construction News (MCN) Building and Roofing Awards. The recognition is a national honor.

The library’s new roof was designed by the Library Design Collaborative which is a joint product between Cockfield Jackson Architects of Baton Rouge, interior architect Dewberry of Dallas, and exterior architect Tipton Associated of Baton Rouge. Roof Tech took care of the actual installation of the roof.

The roof is composed of several types of zinc panels that totals more than 40,000 square feet. The designers used both horizontal and vertical alignment to create a unique structure that obviously caught the eyes of some big names in the roofing world.

The MCN highlighted some of the factors that struck them stating, “The judges really liked the beautiful use of materials and said the Library’s form is exceptional… They also liked how the entryway with the cantilevered volume above the glass, along with how the wall panels fold into a roofing system, creates a cool looking building.”

Members of the local community are proud of the new roof as well. “This new library branch is a focal point of the local community park in which it resides and will serve the citizens of Baton Rouge and the parish of East Baton Rouge well,” said managing director Daniel Nicely.

Your roofing contractor certainly doesn’t need to have national recognition to install a one-of-a-kind roof for you but it certainly doesn’t hurt. If you are curious if your roofer has received any types of awards or recognition, just ask. That could be the last step of choosing the perfect roofer for you.