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Do You Need Impact-Resistant Materials?

Welcome to Denver, have you had your roof inspected? It’s easy to joke about roofing in the Denver metro, but between the hail storms, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures, the Denver metro’s elements can take a big toll on your roof.

There is some good news; you can defend your home and your roof with the help of some specialized roofing materials. You may have heard a roofer talking about impact-resistant materials, so what’s so great about them? How important are they for our local area?

Do You Need Impact-Resistant Materials in Colorado?

Almost every roofing company in the Denver Metro will recommend getting your home outfitted with impact-resistant materials, let’s learn why.

Fight Back Against Hail

The primary use of impact-resistant roofing materials is to defend your roof against hail damage. Impact-resistant shingles are constructed with an added fiberglass mat or other reinforcement sandwiched between traditional roofing materials to make your shingle a cut above.

Impact-resistant materials are tested and certified by a third-party review company such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), so you know the materials and the term “impact-resistant” aren’t only about branding but have been put through real rigorous testing.

Impact-resistant materials are more expensive out of the gate compared to more traditional roofing materials, but they can save you money in the end, let’s learn how.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Not only will impact-resistant materials act as an armor to keep your home from getting damaged by hail, but it may also save you some money on your insurance premiums. Insurance companies have to shell out a pretty penny every time they have to pay a homeowner to replace their roof, so they’d rather not have to replace the roof in the first place. That’s why if you choose a material that’s likely to stand up to hail, your insurance company will thank you with a discount.

The Denver metro is susceptible to damaging hail storms just about any time of the year, but you can fight back with impact-resistant roofing materials. These specialized materials can help protect your home, and can even save you money by securing you insurance premium discounts. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, talk to your roofer about impact-resistant materials.