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When Is It Time for New Gutters?

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Most roofs are pitched or sloped for one simple reason, gravity. Gravity funnels moisture and other debris off your roof to go where it should be, namely not on your roof anymore. Most properties would be a disaster if all roof debris were allowed to fall wherever it pleased, but luckily that’s why we have gutters.

Your roof’s gutters catch and funnel water and debris to specific locations to keep your property neat and tidy, so their importance as a part of your roofing system can’t be denied. So, when do you know your gutters have seen better days, and need to be replaced? Let’s review the signs that you need new gutters.

Looking to find a reliable roofing contractor in Colorado? Celtic Roofing is the roofing company to trust. We specialize in roof gutter solutions, so you can count on us to help you achieve the desired results. We have more than 30 years of experience in roof installation, repair, and maintenance around the area, so we understand your roof’s requirements.


When Do You Need New Gutters?

Let’s review some of the more common symptoms of old or worn-out gutters, what they mean, and why you need new gutters to fix it.


Pools of Water Around the Property

If you walk around your property one day and notice strange pools of water where they shouldn’t be, it’s likely the gutters. You may not always be able to catch leaky gutters in action, but they leave evidence when they’ve seen better days. These pools of water can cause mold, mildew, and even erode your foundation in the worst cases.


Sagging or Pulling Away from the Home

If you notice that your gutters have started to sag or pull away from your home, they have likely outlived their useful life. This is also an issue that homeowners can spot from the ground.



Every crack, nick, and other damage can put your gutters in danger. Even the tiniest cracks will balloon as the gutter ages, leaving you with water and debris going where it shouldn’t be going. If you can walk your roof, try to inspect your gutters for this type of damage at least twice a year.


Peeling Paint and Rust

In most cases, paint is baked on to gutters, so peeling paint and rust aren’t normal wear-and-tear, they’re a sign that your gutters are retaining moisture. Peeling paint is a great indicator that your gutters have served their useful life.

If you notice any of these issues, new gutters are likely in your future. Call your local roofing and gutter company to have them inspect your gutters and confirm if repair or replacement is your best course of action. When your gutters are strong, your roof and whole property will be happy and healthy.

Why Choose Celtic Roofing For Your Gutter Installation Needs

  • Safety is a Priority- although you may be tempted to install new gutters on your own, it can be unsafe and costly. At Celtic Roofing, our experts are trained to follow the highest safety standards so you can be sure that everyone stays.


  • Affordable Roofing Solutions – when you work with us, you will not only benefit from quality roofing solutions but will access inexpensive roofing materials. We have established connections with roofing material manufacturers to ensure we offer you a fair price.


  • Rapid Response – we understand that Colorado’s stormy weather can affect your roof. You only need to contact us when you have roof damage, and our service team will immediately respond to you.


  • Local Experts – Thanks to our experience, we understand the type of roofing solutions suitable for our area. The diverse weather conditions in Colorado require you to make appropriate decisions regarding your roof installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our experts are happy to offer the advice you need to avoid making costly mistakes. We also understand Colorado’s building codes so that you will have no conflicts with the authorities.


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