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Exactly how much does a new roof cost?

What can you expect to pay for a roof replacement? It’s an impossible question to answer without specifics, but we will help give you an idea!

As you can imagine, roofs have many variables — what materials are used, the size of the roof, and the possibility of insurance coverage — are just a few of the things that impact cost. The nationwide average cost of a new roof is $7,800, though that number can vary wildly.

The majority of roofs have a lifespan of about 15 years, so shopping for a new roof is a relatively rare endeavor. Based on this, it stands to reason that many people are not fully informed about their roofing options and have many questions … and why the Celtic Clan is happy to use our expertise to help.

Should I just repair my roof?

Maybe… But take a few things into consideration when making this decision:

  • The age of your roof — An older roof that needs extensive repair will not cost less, and you’ll likely need to replace it anyway pretty soon. Investing in a new roof could save you costly and temporary repairs, as well as your sanity.

  • The amount of damage on your roof — Got a small leak? Repair it! Got granule loss from hail damage? Replace it! (And let us help guide you through the insurance claim process … www.CelticRoofing.com/insurance-claims.)

  • Plans to sell your home — Would you rather buy a home with a NEW roof or a RECENTLY REPAIRED roof? Yes, a buyer feels the same way.

So, what is included in the cost of a roof replacement?

Normally, all these services are included in the replacement of a roof. Know them so you can compare estimates, and rest assured that you will be covered. Oh, and be sure to have a signed contract with your roofer, calling out all the specifics.

  • Tear off of the existing roof unless (in a few instances) the new roof will be set over the old one

  • Repair/replace the roof decking — Check out www.CelticRoofing.com/what-is-redecking to learn more about this vital aspect of your roof

  • New underlayment

  • Flashing replacement

  • Installation of the new roof material

  • New drip edging

  • Possible replacement of gutter and downspouts

  • Ice dam protection — Check out CelticRoofing.com/the-dreaded-ice-dam to learn more

  • The old roofing materials hauled away, never to be seen again

  • Full site cleanup — We want it to look better than when we arrived!

A few more things …

Make certain that your roofer is licensed and insured. Please don’t buy into the “we just have a ton of experience and don’t need a license” line. Working with an unlicensed roofer can not only cost you fines (as he probably will not be pulling the correct permits, and the Town won’t be happy about that) but it can also void your manufacturer’s warranty for your roofing material. Not to mention the fact that someone could be injured on the job — yikes! We think you get the point — License and insurance, please!

Are you a handyman, intrigued by the idea of replacing your own roof?

Join the club! That is why we do what we do, so we totally get it. However, besides the obvious benefit of personal accomplishment, there may not be too many more reasons to DIY this job. In theory, you may think it’ll save money. But in reality, it will likely cost you more (as well as a huge headache, and possibly your marriage). There is enormous potential for things to go awry, and as it’s virtually impossible to replace a roof singlehandedly, you’d better have some amazing friends who will give up a week to lend a hand. (And you thought it was hard finding someone to help you move…)

Will insurance cover the cost of my new roof?

That’s impossible to answer given the variables. However, now is a good time to look over your policy and determine things like the deductible, any exclusions (typically an old or neglected roof will not be covered) and the claim process. Celtic loves working with homeowners and insurance adjusters to ensure that your home is restored to its prime condition. Added bonus — a new roof will typically lower your homeowners’ insurance premiums. Yes, please!

What Now?

Without sounding too sales-y, you need to give us a call. The Celtic Clan has decades of experience with roofing and homeowners just like you. Let us take a look at your roof (can you say FREE inspection!), answer your questions, and get you some numbers.

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Hiring a Roofer vs. Doing It Yourself

Homeowners that know their way around a hammer, saw, or drill like the challenge of taking on home repairs themselves. A Do-it-Yourself attitude is always a healthy attitude to have, as long as you know what projects you can attempt yourself and what you should leave to professionals, and this includes your roof.

If a DIY repair enthusiast sees that their roof is in need of repair or replacement, they may have the urge to get up there and fix it on their own. So is this something that homeowners should be attempting on their own? To give you an idea if home roof repair is a feasible option, let’s look into some pros and cons of hiring a roofer vs. doing it yourself.

Hiring a Roofing Company vs. Just Doing It Yourself

Pros of DIY

  • The number one reason many DIY enthusiasts like to do their own repairs is to save on their bottom line. You likely will save money by taking care of roof issues yourself.
  • The repair can be completed on your own timeline.

Cons of DIY

  • Roofing is an applied skill. There are great online tutorials out there on how to take care of many residential issues but keep in mind that roofing is a skill so a DIY repair might work, but it will likely not be the most efficient and effective repair. Failure to take care of your roof properly will leave you with a much larger bill than if you had just hired a roofer in the first place.
  • Stepping on a ladder or roof is always dangerous, even for low-slope roofs.

Pros Hiring a Roofer

  • You know the job will be taken care of by an expert.
  • Any type of repair or replacement will likely be covered by a warranty or useful life guarantee.
  • May not cost as much as you think, just get an estimate!
  • Don’t have to risk life or limb by climbing up on your roof or ladder.

Cons of Hiring a Roofer

  • Might cost you more
  • Have to find, schedule, and meet someone out at your property.

When it comes to your roof, the benefits of hiring a roofer will usually outweigh the benefits of working on your roof itself. As long as you call on a reputable and local roofing company, you can have your roof issue taken care of by an expert hand. So don’t get on that dangerous ladder, just call a roofer.