Residential and Commercial Roof Snow Removal

Residential & Commercial Snow Roof Removal Castle Rock

Colorado snow storms in the springtime – there is nothing like it! 67 degrees one day and two feet of snow the next day. With the heavy snow that is falling all around the Denver Metro area and foothills, you must be on top of (pun intended) the effects it could have on your roof. You will need roof snow removal if you are worried about the heavy snow putting too much pressure on your roof, if you have concerns about water damming (or freezing), or if you have been holding off on a roof repair/maintenance – and snow just slammed down! If you need expert residential & commercial snow roof removal in Castle Rock, contact our diligent team at Celtic Roofing.


The snow drifts on a home can cover up vent pipes from the hot water heater and furnace. Heavy snow loads can also cause damage and the melt/re-ice cycle can reek havoc on a roof. Don’t wait until it is too late! Let Celtic come clear the snow off your roof.


Flat roofs are especially susceptible to damage from heavy snow. Be very cautious with heavy snow and make sure the weight load doesn’t take down your roof.

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