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3 Facts to Know About Thatched Roofs

Although Colorado has no thatched roofs (that we know of!), The Celtic Clan is from Ireland where these types of roofs are abundant. Let’s learn a bit about a thatched roof!

What do a modern home and a home constructed 2,000 years ago have in common? They both have roofs. For as long as humanity has needed to build homes, they’ve had to build roofs to protect those homes. The cool part? You can still see some of the roofing materials used back then, today.

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There have been great strides when it comes to modern roofing materials, but some of those materials used by our roofing forefather’s way back in the day still have benefits to this day, like thatched roofing. Let’s learn more about this ancient and unique style of roofing.

3 Facts for You to Know About Thatched Roofs

Thatched Roofs are Stronger than You Think

Consider a roof that is made up of straw, reeds, grasses, and other vegetation. It sounds like it wouldn’t be very strong, right? In reality, properly installed thatched roofs can last many years and even in multiple decades. They have been proven to be watertight against driving wind, rain, and snow, and provide a considerable amount of insulation to the homes they are installed on. Just because a roof is made of vegetation, doesn’t mean the big bad wolf can blow it down.

Thatched Roofs Are Still in Use Today

There’s an understanding that thatched roofs have been used for millennia as a suitable roof covering but did you know thatched roofs are still in use today? It’s not in third world countries either; you can find thatched roofs on almost every continent. From the thatched pub coverings in traditional England to temples in the Far East, thatched roofing still gets its due in modern times.

Thatched Roofs Vary by Region

The beauty about thatched roofing is that it utilizes plentiful, cheap materials like grasses and straws. This makes thatched roofing unique in that a thatched roof installed in Europe will be much different than one available in South America, due to the available materials at hand. Every thatched roof is engineered and installed to reflect the surrounding environment – not something you will find with asphalt shingles.

Thatched roofing may have been used around the time of the Ancient Romans, but it’s not too difficult to find thatched roofs in the modern age either. Thatched roofing’s low-cost and abundant materials mean thatched roofs aren’t going away anytime soon as well.

Celtic Roofing

We may not offer thatched roofs here in Colorado, but we do offer many different roofing options as well as over 20 years of experience. Let us come give you a free roof inspection and a litany of roofing options to see what will work for your home or business! Call today for a free consultation. And remember … This may be the last roof you’ll ever need.

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Should You Hire Roofers in Denver?

Some projects are simply not meant to be taken lightly. You may not pay much attention to a service or company you hire to trim your lawn or repair a crack in your driveway, but you want to pay plenty of attention when hiring a contractor for something as important as a roof repair or replacement.

Many times hiring a reputable contractor for your roof repair means hiring a local roofer. If you live in Denver you may have noticed plenty of roofing companies knocking on your door after every bad hail storm to get your business. You get a quote from one of these contractors and it’s from an out-of-state company but the quote is really good! So what should you do?

Should You Use Roofers in Denver?

In certain situations, it is best to go with a local service, and that rings especially true when it comes to hiring a roofer. If you live in Denver and need a roof repair or replacement, it’s highly recommended to hire a Denver roofer. We can’t just tell you to do something without any reason, so let’s look at why you’re better off hiring a Denver roofer for a Denver roofing job.

Denver Roofers Know Denver

Every neighborhood and town across the US is different and will have certain subtleties when it comes to roofs. That’s why it’s important to hire local contractors for your roof repair or replacement. Denver roofers will be well-versed in both Denver building and roofing code, as well as the subtleties and unique properties of Denver’s roofing needs. You want to hire a roofing contractor that knows your home and property, so you should choose a Denver roofer.

Denver Roofers Will Be Around When You Need Them

That out-of-state company may give you a great quote but where we will they be when your final inspection fails? Chances are they’ll be off in another part of the country chasing the next dollar. You want to choose a roofing contractor that will be around should you experience roofing issues. Choose the Denver roofer that’s 3 blocks away and not the storm chasers that are 3 states over.

When it comes to your Denver roof repair or replacement, there’s no replacement for local. Use roofers in Denver for their local knowledge and availability. You’ll always be thankful you’ve gone local over hiring a storm chaser when it comes to your roof.

Why Is It Hard to Find a Reliable Roofer?

Let’s explore a common scenario. Your whole street got hit with a massive hail storm and everyone’s roofs are shot. You speak with your neighbors and you all decide to go with the same company because one of your neighbors says “They know a roofing guy.” You don’t think much of it and sign up with the recommended roofer because, why not?

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The roofer was pleasant at first but the communication has become horrible, you have issues with your new roof install and the roofer is nowhere to be found! Unfortunately, this type of scenario isn’t all too uncommon, so why is it so difficult to find a reliable roofer?

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Reliable Roofer?

The roofing industry is notorious for being full of fly-by-night roofers, storm chasers (companies that follow the storms and are not local), liars, and shady characters that are more interested in your pocketbook than a job well-done. Roofing is a large industry, and in some states with frequent hail and wind storms, there are many roofing needs. Less than reputable characters are hoping to make a quick buck, will take advantage of this fact, and try to worm their way into whatever work they can, leaving their customers with headaches.

How to Find a Reliable Roofer

The roofing industry may have its share of shady characters, but is also full of reputable contractors that genuinely want to help you with your roofing issue. When you’re in need of a roof repair or replacement, your goal is to find these reputable companies. When searching for a reputable and reliable roofer, use the following tools and resources to make your life easier:

  • Rating and review sites like Angie’s List, Houzz or Google reviews
  • Local Better Business Bureau chapter
  • Local contractor guides
  • Roofing material manufacturer websites

Your goal is to find a roofer that is registered with your local BBB, has many years of experience in your city, has overall positive reviews, and will offer you a free estimate.

The key in finding a reliable roofer is by doing the proper research before letting anyone on your roof, even if your neighbor swears by a certain company. When you choose a local and reliable roofer you won’t only skirt a bad experience, but could get an experience that is enjoyable.

We are here to help you and provide you with a reliable roofer today!

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