Does Your Homeowner’s Policy Cover Roofing Issues?

Every time a large hail storm hits your neighborhood you take a deep sigh, it’s time to have your roof inspected and likely replaced. It’s not that you have a problem with the heavy job of getting the roof replaced, you’re just tired of having to pay for a new roof. But you have homeowner’s insurance, right? Shouldn’t that help pay for something you can’t control like a roof replacement from a hail storm? What exactly does your insurance cover when it comes to your roof?

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roofing Issues?

Homeowner’s insurance does cover roofing issues but unfortunately, it’s not as cut and dry as that. If you’ve ever shopped for insurance you know that there are so many different companies, different policies, different types of coverage, and more. Insurance can be a complicated matter!

Most general homeowner’s policies or comprehensive insurance plans include items for both roof repair and replacement, but the level of coverage will differ depending on your policy. Some homeowner’s insurance policies are thorough when it comes to your roof and will cover full replacement and code upgrade, others may only cover replacement with no type of code upgrade and some may only partially cover roof repairs or replacements. The deductible you have to pay for any roof replacement will also depend on your type of coverage.

Figuring Out What Your Insurance Covers

If you want to know what your insurance covers, give your insurance agent a call. Ask about the roof and all the different components that are covered. When you know your policy you can know what it covers, if you need more or less coverage, and what kind of deductible you will need to pay for roof repair or replacement.

Working with a Roofer and Insurance

If you want to make the both the insurance portion and the actual replacement portion of your roof as easy as possible, work with a roofing company that offers complimentary insurance claims assistance. You can have your roof repaired or replaced and insurance took care of with hardly any effort on your end.

Homeowner’s insurance does cover roof repair and replacement, but the levels of coverage depend on your policy. Talk with your insurance agent to figure out where you’re covered and if you’re dealing with a roof replacement as part of an insurance claim, work with a roofer who offers free claims assistance. If you can take care of all these items than any roof repair or replacement will be much easier for you.

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