Fire Resistant Roofing in Breckenridge

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Breckenridge, Colorado is well known for its world-class skiing — among the state’s greatest ski resorts — but the town was originally founded on a vein of gold during the late 1850’s gold rush. One of the largest gold nuggets ever found in Colorado was mined near Breckenridge, bringing in prospectors from around the country and the world.Breckenridge Colorado

Most of the original structures were wooden, as that was the material most readily available in the region. This ultimately led to foundations, structures, and roofs made of wood that represent non-existent fire resistant roofing in Breckenridge. Unfortunately, many of these historic buildings and homes were destroyed in the wildfires that commonly sweep through the West. In the early 1960’s, Rounds and Porter, a Kansas lumber company, opened the Breckenridge ski resort. By the time the Eisenhower Tunnel opened in 1973, the high country’s recreational activities had become highly sought after. On average, over 3 million people now visit Breckenridge each year! With a local population of around 3,000, one can understand the significance of that number.

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Fire Resistant Roofing in Breckenridge

In an attempt to preserve the unique, mining-related architecture, many modern homes and buildings have wood shake roofing. Although the aesthetic is stunning, wood shingles do not stand the test of time in regards to Colorado winters, weather, and wildfires. As such, many insurance companies are changing their policies to exclude homes and businesses that still have wood shake shingle roofing. The remedy? Durable fire resistant roofing that will withstand the elements and greatly reduce the chance of fire consumption.

Thankfully, Celtic Roofing offers our Fire Resistant Roofing System in two options that keep the wood shake appearance and also offers a class A fire rating – the safest shingle system you can have. They both meet the highest standards of safety available on the market to protect your home or business in the case of a fire. A “class A” fire rating simply means that the materials used reduce how quickly a fire can spread. The class A rated underlayment and shingles that we use here at Celtic Roofing have a maximum flame spread of six feet and can last two to four hours before ignition.

Our Fire Resistant Roofing Systems in Breckinridge:

DECRA – Lightweight Stone Coated Steel

  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Severe Weather Resistant
  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant
  • Level 4 Hail Rated
  • 120mph Wind Resistant
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Cold Roof System

F-Wave – Synthetic Polymer Shingle

  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Green and Sustainable Design
  • Resistant to Cracking and Fading
  • Level 4 Hail Rated
  • 170mph Wind Resistant
  • 50-Year Standard Product Warranty

Celtic Roofing offers these two fire resistant systems throughout Breckenridge in order to give the maximum level of protection to your family and business. We are ready to install your fire resistant roofing in Breckenridge. Call us TODAY to schedule a free consultation and roof evaluation.

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