3 Facts to Know About Flat Roofing

What do you know about roofs? They cover a home, are made of shingles and panels, and are pithed, right? Well for most roofs those three factors are the case, but not when it comes to flat roofing. Commercial buildings and many homes use flat roofs instead of traditional pitched roofing, and those flat roofs need a flat roof covering.

Many homeowners know the basics of pitched roofing, but few are aware of the large world of flat roofing that exists all around them. Heck, we like flat roofs, and we think you will too, so let’s learn more about flat roofing with some random knowledge and facts.

3 Facts for You to Know About Flat Roofing

Flat Roofs Aren’t Always Flat

In fact, no flat roofs are 100 percent flat. What happens to moisture on a flat surface? It stays there. For roofing purposes, all flat roofs have at least a few degrees of slope to allow water and debris to drain off.

In the roofing, world slope is measured in rising/run every 12 inches. For example, a roof that rises six inches vertically for every foot it runs would be a 6/12 slope. For roofing, a roof is considered flat if it has a slope of 1/12 or less.

You Can Redo Your Flat Roof Without Redoing Your Flat Roof

The beauty about flat roofing is that you can revamp your flat roof without redoing the whole thing. Flat roofs are perfect candidates for roof coatings that can add more years to your flat roof. Roof coatings are much cheaper than roof replacement, so you flat roof could last even longer with the help of a roof coating.

Flat Roofs Are Easy to Turn Green

Flat roofs are transformed into blue, cool, or green roofs, and on top of that, they’re perfect for solar panels. This article isn’t long enough to list what all those colored roofs mean, but all you need to know is that flat roofs are simple to transform into environmentally-conscious roofing.

When most people think roofs, they think pitched roofs, but we’d be lost without our flat roofs too. Flat roofs have some unique properties and interesting facts that make them different from the shingle. If you have a flat roofing project in the works, talk to a local and reputable flat roofing contractor to learn more about the unique properties of flat roofing.